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The DateBot is also still in the testing phase.

The only thing we can do is explain why a person might want to use it.

When you work in a normal office environment, it's easy to ask for help from someone that's sitting at the next desk. When you're working remotely, you may not be able to contact the person you want to speak with, so the next option is talking to someone that you know for sure will answer the phone, day or night.

Social Media is a big thing with people that work a regular job, because it gives them something to do between assignments. If you're traveling, you can make arrangements with someone to stay with and show you around if it's a place you don't know well.

Work / Life Balance. We all know how work can take all your time away, and stop you from relaxing. This new automation is just one more way to connect with the people you work with, but never get a chance to meet.

Everyone works together in this system, although they may not be sitting in the same office. Some people are laying on the Beach, with their laptops, and others are on tour in another country. People have things to do, but they like to stay in touch at the same time.

Have fun and stay safe.


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